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Media representatives can find all information on accreditation process for Croatian national teams' matches, as well as other information on Croatian Football Federation media activities.

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Dear media representatives, for information on Croatian national teams' media activities please contact our media department at to join our mailing list.

SCHEDULE for the Croatian national team ahead of and during the FIFA World Cup in Russia


You can find the schedule of Croatian national team, along with information about media activities and media accreditation, HERE


ACCREDITATION for the Brazil-Croatia friendly match (Liverpool, June 3, 2018)


Deadline for accreditation requests for the Brazil-Croatia friendly match has passed. For operational reasons, we will not be able to accommodate late requests. Media representatives will receive news of the status of their applications by May 27, 20:00 CET.


Representatives from international media outlets should apply directly through Liverpool F.C..


ACCREDITATION for the Croatia-Senegal friendly match (Osijek, June 8, 2018)


Media representatives may now apply for accreditation for the Croatia-Senegal friendly match. The deadline for applying is May 30, 12:00 CET (noon). The match will take place in Osijek (Croatia) on June 8, 2018.


Accreditation requests must be filled out via the official website of the Croatian Football Federation:


We would like to remind you that we can only process requests of media representatives who have submitted all of the requested data, including their passport number. After you have submitted your request, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail (please also check your Spam folder). You will be notified of the status of your request by June 4, 20:00 CET.


Please make sure to send in your applications by the above-stated deadline (May 30, 2018). All late requests will be denied.


Because of the limited capacity of the media boxes at Gradski Vrt Stadium, and because of the high level of media interest that national team matches attract, we will not be able to grant all accreditation requests, and we will prioritize requests from media outlets that regularly feature coverage of the Croatian national team.


ACCREDITATION for the national team’s World Cup preparations (Rovinj and Opatija/Rijeka)


We would like to inform you that you may apply for media accreditation for the Croatian national team's World Cup preparations in Rovinj and Opatija/Rijeka until May 23, 12:00 CET.


All media activities of the national team will be held exclusively at NK Rovinj Stadium and HNK Rijeka Stadium.


Access to the stadiums will be possible only with accreditation issued by the Croatian Football Federation (HNS). Credentials for Rovinj and Rijeka will be issued separately, and it is therefore necessary to submit two accreditation requests per journalist/editorial staff. Late requests will not be accepted.


You may apply for accreditation by sending an e-mail to If you are submitting a request for multiple representatives from one editorial staff, please note that it is necessary to state the names, functions, and e-mail addresses of all media representatives you wish to have accredited.


Media representatives will be able to pick up their accreditation at the stadiums where the national team practices. HNS accreditations will be valid during the national team's stay in the respective city and will grant media representatives access to the above-mentioned stadiums during allotted training times and with respect to guidelines set by HNS.


ACCREDITATION for the training ground and media centre in Roshchino


Access to the media centre and training site of the Croatian football team in the team base camp (Roshchino) at the FIFA World Cup in Russia will be granted only to holders of either of the following two types of accreditation:


1. FIFA Accreditation for the World Cup


2. Accreditation issued by the Croatian Football Federation (HNS)


For the World Cup in Russia, HNS Accreditation must also be confirmed by the FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). All personal data obtained from media representatives will therefore be entered into the official FIFA accreditation system and will be inspected by the Russian Federal Security Service. 


You may send in your application for HNS accreditation by May 25, 12:00 CET (noon). HNS Accreditation grants access to the media centre and the training site of the Croatian team in Roshchino. It does not allow access to stadiums at which official FIFA World Cup matches are to be played, to the team hotel at Croatia’s base camp ("Woodland Rhapsody"), or to any of the venue-specific team hotels in which the team will stay during the World Cup.


You will be notified regarding the outcome of your application by May 31, 18:00 CET. Journalists whose accreditation requests are granted may pick up their accreditation from June 11 onwards at the media centre in Roshchino. 


All media representatives who have received confirmation of FIFA Accreditation, but will not be able to pick it up before their first visit to the Croatia base camp, must also apply for HNS Accreditation.


You may send your accreditation applications to the following e-mail address:


In order for your application to be processed correctly, it must include the following information:


1. Name and surname (exactly as stated in your passport)

2. Nationality

3. Gender

4. Date of birth

5. Place and country of birth

6. Passport number

7. Passport date of issue and expiry date

8. Passport issuing authority and place of issue

9. A recent passport-style photograph (must be a colour photograph with a light and uniform background, and without sunglasses or face-concealing accessories)

10. Your job title (reporter, photographer, cameraman, or technician)


By sending in your application, you consent to having your personal data screened by the Russian Federal Security Service.


We kindly request that you send in your applications by the above-stated deadline (25 May 2018). All late requests will be denied.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions on the accreditation process. 


HNS Spokesperson: Tomislav Pacak



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