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An excellent job

Dalić: "Everyone is
a hero", Kramarić:
"This is what Croatia
really is"

Dalić: "Everyone is a hero", Kramarić: "This is what Croatia really is"
photo by: HNS
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Zlatko Dalić and Andrej Kramarić shared their views on the victorious Ukraine encounter in Kiev. 

New Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić managed to record a very important win in his debut. Three points in Ukraine (2:0) guarantee that Croatia continues the Road to Russia.

"I congratulate my players and thank them, they did an excellent job, especially tactically. Everything that was agreed was put into action, and Croatia presented quality. This victory is, however, just a small step towards Russia. Tonight, everyone is a hero, not just Kramarić, since the entire team played at a maximum level. Our plan was to hold on to a firm defensive blocks in the first half, knowing Ukraine will apply the pressure in front of the home supporters. Aware of the dangerous Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka on the wings, we replied with Vida and Vrsaljko, and our strength at both left and right side of the pitch was the key. Later on, we switched Kramarić and Mandžukić positions, which resulted in a goal", he explained.

"Moreover, Modrić was playing closer to Ukraine goal, and since we were disciplined in defending and kept formation, quickly switching sides, it was inevitable to score - our quality had to make a difference. During the previous two days, I have talked to each and every player and came to the best solution for the entire team. Their spirits were down, but they have accepted the task, realizing this is their last chance. They gave their best. Considering play-offs, I don't even know who qualified alongside Croatia. If we play at our best, the opponent's name does not matter".

Double goalscorer Andrej Kramarić hope Croatia can put in the same performances in the November play-offs.

"Croatia played with character. This is what Croatia really is, and I hope we can continue like this in the play-offs. Surely, a tough opponent awaits us, but we want to go the World Cup. We were sticking to our gameplan, patiently waiting for Ukraine to open up. Luckily, we've capitalized on one of our first chances, and Ukraine could not parry. The match wasn't very pretty, it was a tactical battle, but victory is what counts. Croatia was organized, all players had their tasks. Nothing was improvised and we achieved our objective", he said.

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