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Pitches reconstruction

Extension of
deadline for
submission of bids

Extension of deadline for submission of bids
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Croatian Football Federation informs potential bidders about the change of tender documentation for quotation for the reconstruction and renovation of football pitches with hybrid grass in Croatia – deadline extension for bid submission.


Based on the downloaded documentation in this procurement procedure, potential bidders have examined the documentation and asked questions on which the Employer gives the answers as follows:


  1. A potential bidder raises the question of the possibility of extending the deadline for submission of bids since the 6th group was published later than the rest of the documentation?

We inform all bidders that the deadline for submission of bids is extended for three working days – final deadline for the submission of tenders is 23 March 2018, before 12:00 hours.

The opening of the bids will be held on 23 March 2018, before 16:00.

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