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Grassroots - wide base represents 99 percent of football as a sport.

photo by: HNS
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Football is a three-tier cake

                  ICING – TOP LEVEL

                  FRUIT –ELITE YOUTH

                  BASE - GRASSROOTS

All Football which is Non – Professional/Non – Elite is part of Grassroots Football




-          Children's Football

-          Schools Football

-          Amateur Football

-          Women's Football

-          Beach Soccer/Futsal

-          Leisure Football

-          Veterans' Football

-          Community Football

-          Disabilty Football




Grassroots  football is Enjoyable, Safe, Open, Personal, Everywhere, Creative, Simple, Fair, Lively




  1. Educational -  Values, Knowledge, Problem Solving
  2. Health – Lifestyle, Fitness, Emotions
  3. Social – Integration, Personality, Friendships
  4. Sporting – Skill Acquisition, Tactical Awareness,Competition
  5. Political – Facility Provision, Investment, Support
  6. Business – Promotional Events, Equipment, Sponsorship




-          Grassroots Football is one of the 11 UEFA core values. The importance of Grassroots Football

was highlighted at the UEFA Congress in Paris in 2011 – the values for a better society were


-          President Michel Platini praised the devotion and passion of millions of grassroots coaches and volunteers all over Europe.


-          The UEFA Grassroots Charter recognises the importance of non-professional and non-elite

                football as well as the values of grassroots football

-          A quality mark focusing on specific aspects of grassroots football Fundamental requirements: basic structures, grassroots leader training and various services for players


Croatian Football Federation joined the Charter in 2007. as a 16th National Association. By the April 2013. all the European National Football Associations joined the Charter.


Croatian Football Federation paticipates in various UEFA Grassroots Programmes on a regular basis;


-          UEFA Study Group Scheme: Grassroots Football Specific


29 different Host Associations

64 seminars on Grassroots Football:

Season 2008/09: 10 seminars

Season 2009/10: 12 seminars

Season 2010/11: 13 seminars

Season 2011/12: 16 seminars

Season 2012/13: 13 seminars


-          UEFA Grassroots Day


On the Wednesday before the UEFA Champions League final

The associations are encouraged to organise events on and around this day in a pan-European celebration of Grassroots Football


-          UEFA Women's Football Development Program 2012 - 2016


Croatian Football Federatin established  5 Women's Football Development centres in Zagreb, Osijek, Varazdin, Split and Rijeka. Girls from 6 – 12 years of age are encourageg to join football throught fun activities organized by educated and trainned football coaches in a safe enviroment.


Croatian Football Federation supports and co-operates  with UEFA partners operating in Croatia  - Special Olympics, Open Fun Football Schools, FARE Network and others  in activities of social responsibility and inclusion throught football.

photo by: Arhiva HNS

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  • Football tournament for children with disabilities held in Osijek


    Football tournament for children with disabilities held in Osijek

    As part of HNS's Special Power League project, a second tournament for children with disabilities was held in Osijek. Along with the two events held to date, a further two tournaments are planned...

  • HNS and World Roma Organization Host Ninth Football Camp


    HNS and World Roma Organization Host Ninth Football Camp

    The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) and Croatia's World Roma Organization organized their Ninth National Minorities Football Camp at Aldo Drosina Stadium in Pula, Croatia. With 250 children of...

  • HNS supports children with autism


    HNS supports children with autism

    In a show of support for children with autism, the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) donated a signed Croatia jersey and sent a delegation to a charity futsal tournament that was held at the Aton...

  • HNS and CAFE invite fans with disabilities to share their experiences


    HNS and CAFE invite fans with disabilities to share their experiences

    The Center for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) is marking its annual Week of Action between March 3 and March 11. This year's edition introduces a new initiative which invites football fans with...

  • Video: How to meet Mandžukić and Shevchenko through volunteering


    Video: How to meet Mandžukić and Shevchenko through volunteering

    Croatia national team has successfully completed yet another qualifying campaign, with numerous volunteers contributing to the quality organization of home matches. Croatian Football Federation would...

  • Zagreb wins UEFA Regions' Cup!


    Zagreb wins UEFA Regions' Cup!

    In UEFA Region's Cup final in Istanbul, Zagreb defeated Region 2 of Republic of Ireland to win the title. Following the loss in the 2015 final in Dublin, when Eastern Region secured the title against...

  • Šuker: "Differences have to be respected"


    Šuker: "Differences have to be respected"

    The fifth National Minorities Football Camp was held in Čakovec, with Croatian Football Federation president Davor Šuker among the attending dignitaries. On Tuesday, Čakovec hosted the fifth National...

  • Davor Šuker visits girls' football festival


    Davor Šuker visits girls' football festival

    NK Sesvete Stadium hosted a girls' football festival, with approximately 100 participants from the Sesvete Elementary School. The festival was attended by Croatian Football Federation president Davor...

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