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Zdravko Mamić resigns as HNS first vice-president
photo by: Drago Sopta/HNS


Public announcement

Zdravko Mamić
resigns as HNS first

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Zdravko Mamić resigned as the vice-president of the Croatian Football Federation and has explained the reason for the resignation.

The complete announcement of Mr. Mamić can be found below.


Dear Croatian public,

As you already know, since January I am no longer the executive president of GNK Dinamo. The reason for my resignation was that Dinamo, my club for which I gave everything, can continue to develop one of the greatest stories in Croatian sports history.

Today, for the same reasons and with same sadness I am leaving my position as the vice-president of Croatian Football Federation.

I simply refuse to be the reason used by certain groups to minimize great success my colleagues have achieved in order to make our nation proud and happy for many years.

I no longer want my name to be used as a tool to harm international reputation of Croatian football which deserves, by hard labour and great results, to be the pride and symbol of unity of our country.

Throughout the years I gave my soul and all my energy to Croatian football and I hope it will continue to bring joy to our nation and represent our country in the best possible light. On the other hand, I will dedicate my time to resolving my private affairs and proving my innocence.

Croatian Football Federation, as well as Dinamo, will always be in my heart.

Kind regards,

Zdravko Mamić


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