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Sanja Rođak-Karšić

Croatian referee
continues at UEFA
Women's EURO

Croatian referee continues at UEFA Women's EURO
photo by: Arhiva HNS
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Croatian referee Sanja Rođak-Karšić will take part in the second round of UEFA Women's EURO in Netherlands.

Following the successful performance in the group stage, Esther Staubli's referee team was acknowledged by UEFA, as it was included among the referee teams to participate in the UEFA Women's EURO second round.

Croatian Sanja Rođak-Karšić is the assistant referee with the Swiss pair, Staubli and another assistant referee Belinda Brem. 

Rođak-Karšić will therefore add the EURO quarterfinals match between England and France to her impressive list of important matches.

This quarterfinal will be played on 30 July in Deventer. Netherlands - Sweden, Germany - Denmark, and Austria - Spain also meet in the quarterfinal stage.