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Feeling at home in Kaliningrad

Dalić: "Discipline
and responsibility -
Croatia deserved to

Dalić: "Discipline and responsibility - Croatia deserved to win"
photo by: HNS
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Croatia reactions following the 2:0 World Cup victory over Nigeria in Kaliningrad: head coach Zlatko Dalić, captain Luka Modrić, and defender Dejan Lovren.

Zlatko Dalić

"I congratulate my players, this was a great victory in a tough match against a quality opponent. We have presented discipline, responsibility, and deserved to win. It does not matter how the goals were scored, even though we have to strive to be even more efficient in attack. Let us not split hairs now, the win in the opening match usually brings the second round berth, but there is lot to be done"

"We did not expect so many fans here, it felt like we have the home advantage. A big thanks to them, they have arrived from all over the world and prove how much they love Croatia national team. This one was for them, the scenes were fantastic and I hope to experience them again. Now we turn to Argentina - a difficult, different match, but another win seals our progress. We will prepare, modify some things, but on the other hand Argentina has Messi - who can to just about anything. We'll retain our style of play, high level of performance, and enjoy this match, simultaneously seeking a positive result"

Luka Modrić

"It was a pleasure to play in this kind of atmosphere, it felt like home. The fans really supported us and I hope we made them happy. We'll definitely continue trying, they hope for our success. Croatia has performed well, as a mature and compact team, and that was the key. We have made an important step towards the second round, but there is a lot to be done. Fighting spirit is necessary to achieve something, with a bit of luck"

Dejan Lovren

"This generation is aware of all the comparisons with Croatia team in 1998. We are motivated, but we also need a bit of luck. We'll go step by step, with a good start being very important. I believe in this team, we knew everything about Nigerian qualities, and I think we did a fantastic job. We have to be satisfied, the pressure is now fading, our players are in their best years, and we are all fit. However, nothing is completed yet, it will be a tough match against Argentine, but we are not afraid, despite facing the best player in the world. Iceland proved that team spirit and team performance can bring results. It is an honour to play against the best, a childhood dream, and now is our opportunity. I believe Croatia can go far"

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