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No more pressure

Dalić and Modrić
enjoy the World Cup
Final opportunity

Dalić and Modrić enjoy the World Cup Final opportunity
photo by: HNS
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Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić and team captain Luka Modrić spoke to the press on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final against France.

Zlatko Dalić

"We can only see a part of what is happening back home in Croatia, and it makes us so happy, so proud to relieve the people from all the troubles. They live without a single worry during the World Cup, and this only strengthens our motivation. My players know how much the World Cup Final means and they'll be honest, and tell me if they're not fit. We were trying to relax, and I'm sure our starting lineup will be excellent. We all trust each other, I try to be their friend while they respect my authority. There are no secrets and it works. This team is like a close family. We're here to enjoy the final, regardless of the opponent. Let the entire world watch Croatia, cheer us on, and we'll do our best. May the best team win, since there is no better day for any coach or player. We'll go all in, fight, and see what happens. There is no more pressure now, despite this being the greatest moment of our lives. If we manage to win the trophy in the process, no one will be more proud" 

Luka Modrić

"I have always believed I can reach this level. I've been through much, but the most important thing was to never give up. There will always be ups and downs, but one should fight to make his dreams come true. At this moment, I am focused on the national team success. It's nice to listen the Golden Ball predictions, but let us first try and win the World Cup. Our head coach took over in difficult moments, but gave us confidence, peace, and we have to give him credit. We enjoy his honesty, his approach, and we feel lucky to have him - both as a coach and a person. I don't know what I'll tell my teammates before the match, but it will be something I think and feel at the moment, as always. Everybody is doing individual preparations, and should we win, we will dedicate the victory to everybody in Croatia and abroad, and to anyone who has ever wore Croatia shirt. This opportunity is unreal" 


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