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Dalić, Modrić: "No
point in crying"

Dalić, Modrić: "No point in crying"
photo by: HNS
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Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić and team captain Luka Modrić shared their views on the tough 6:0 loss to Spain in the UEFA Nations League.

Zlatko Dalić

"Of course, this is the most difficult moment of my coaching career, but that's life, we have to accept what just happened. Congratulations to Spain, they have performed very well to achieve this great victory. It's tough, but we have to learn our lesson and move on. We are not going to sit down and cry, let's go back to work. Croatia was excellent in the first 20 minutes, missed three golden opportunities, played as we agreed to, but after conceding the second goal everything fell apart. Spain gained confidence and created situtations we couldn't deal with. One can't play against this Spanish team without unity - they are world-class in possession and tactics. We wanted to come back at halftime, but this was a really bad night. Let us try to continue building a team for the European Qualifiers, and to compensate this defeat in the Nations League"

Luka Modrić

"It's a heavy defeat, despite some quality opening minutes. Croatia fell apart as Spain took a 2:0 lead, we did not play as a team anymore, and that's lethal against this kind of opponent. It could have been even worse. Now we need to learn a lesson - without a World Cup approach, we can't deal with any opponent. Perhaps we aren't fit enough, considering the beginning of the club season, but it's unacceptable to lose the reputation we fought so hard for. There is no point in crying and saying that nothing is good anymore - we need to prepare for the England encounter"

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