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Croatia overcomes Welsh obstacle

Dalić and Kramarić:
"Crucial three

Dalić and Kramarić: "Crucial three points"
photo by: HNS
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Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić and forward Andrej Kramarić shared their thoughts following the 2:1 qualifying victory over Wales in Osijek.

Zlatko Dalić

"This was a difficult match. The opening minutes were OK, we created some chances, but the players needed a break after every run. Wales' performance was really good, and became even better with Brooks. However, these three points are crucial. Our younger players need time to grow, but there is no fear for the future. They have all deserved to win this one. I would like to thank the fans for the support, there was not an empty seat - this is Croatia's unity. Everybody has a chance in this qualifying group, and we want the top spot. This group will provide drama until the very end"

Andrej Kramarić

"In some moments Croatia's performance was great, but on some occassions we couldn't keep up with the pace, due to weather conditions. However, we won all three points, and that's what we prepared for. We have to be happy. I tried to contribute to creating opportunities, but I also lacked freshness in the final stages. As a forward, I wanted to score, but the most important thing is the team performance and the victory"

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