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A visit to Slovakia

Dalić and Modrić:
"Croatia ready to
respond to a major

Dalić and Modrić: "Croatia ready to respond to a major challenge"
photo by: HNS
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On the eve of the EURO 2020 qualifier in Slovakia, Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić and team captain Luka Modrić held a press conference.

Zlatko Dalić

"It would be wrong to discuss the missing players, I fully support my internationals that are here, and we are seeking a positive result. My players are motivated, in good spirits, and they performed excellently in practice sessions. Croatia will try to attack, with lessons learned from Hungary. This could be a similar match, and now we have to reply in style - with aggression, giving our best. Everybody goes full throttle against the World Cup runners-up. However, the World Cup is in the past, now we are aware of our current situation. Slovakia is strongest in the midfield, but many things will depend on Croatia's approach"

Luka Modrić

"Following a summer break, I've gone through the entire Real Madrid preparations, and I'm full of energy and desire. Croatia presented unity and fighting spirit in June against Wales, and we have to repeat this. Then we can expect a victory, which would be a phenomenal outcome. Playing for Croatia is my greatest honour and I will always give my best. Hamšik is the star of Slovakian team, but there are other quality players, such as Lobotka - I know his from Spanish league. Slovakia has a compact defence, and likes to play football, but we are ready to respond to this major challenge"

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