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EURO 2020 qualifier against Hungary

Dalić and Modrić
expect unity, support
and a victory in

Dalić and Modrić expect unity, support and a victory in Split
photo by: HNS
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Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić and team captain Luka Modrić held a press conference regarding the upcoming EURO 2020 qualifier against Hungary.

Zlatko Dalić

"Croatia respects Hungary and will not be fooled by the fact that they are missing several important players - they did beat us in Budapest. However, we will not look back, our approach has to be on a maximum level. Considering the quality of our players, whatever lineup we select it will be the right one. Croatia has to be smart, avoiding chaos, and safe - 1:0 is enough. There is 90 minutes to be played, we don't have do win the game in the opening ten. I expect unity in Split, on the field and in the stands, and I hope to finish the day with a win"


Luka Modrić

"The most important thing is to win, regardless of who scores. We're happy to be back in Split - I remember how the fans cheered us on against Georgia - and I expect the same support against Hungary. There is no pressure, we can hardly wait for the kick-off. The crucial thing is to begin at our maximum, then we can prevail and win. In Budapest, Hungary proved how good they are, and we need a great performance. This victory is necessary in order to reach EURO 2020. I am back after injury, and I just need more minute to get back in top form"

foto: HNS



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