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Croatia visits Wales

Dalić and Perišić:
"Find the optimal
solution and secure
EURO 2020 berth"

Dalić and Perišić: "Find the optimal solution and secure EURO 2020 berth"
photo by: HNS
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Zlatko Dalić, Croatia head coach, and international forward Ivan Perišić spoke to the press on the eve of the EURO 2020 qualifier in Wales.

Zlatko Dalić

"Besides Brozović, who is suspended, we'll probably make two more changes in the starting lineup and find the optimal solution, aware that we need to rest some players, in order to avoid the same mistakes we have made in Azerbaijan. It would be nice to secure our EURO 2020 berth before November, we have two match-points. Croatia respects Wales, since it has been a hard fought battle in Osijek in June. They need to win, and they have Bale in the team, alongside many other quality players, including youngster James. I will not ask my players to play defensively, but good defence will allow us to go forward"

Ivan Perišić

"There is less and less time to rest and prepare between qualifiers, but Wales has the same problem and we'll see who will adapt better. We remember the difficulties we've had in Osijek against Wales, yet we hope to reach EURO 2020 on Sunday. The match in Azerbaijan was another warning for us, and we have 20 quality players - we can use them to keep the energy level on maximum until the final whistle. Croatia needs to play as a team, and stop both Bale and all of his teammates. We will seek a victory, as we always do"

foto: HNS

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