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Croatia performed well

Dalić: "A joint
success, I'm very
proud and happy"

Dalić: "A joint success, I'm very proud and happy"
photo by: HNS
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Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić held a press conference following the final EURO 2020 qualifier, against Slovakia in Rijeka, as his team reached its objective - a place at the final tournament.

"Congratulations to my players for this victory, for the top spot in the qualifying group, and the EURO 2020 berth. I would like to thank my coaching staff, and everybody who helped, including the media and the fans. This is a joint success. I am very proud and very happy, as the entire country. Croatia performed well, in both halves, while Slovakia remained organized and solid in defence. However, everything changed following the equalizer, we have finally relaxed. At the break, I asked the players to avoid nervousness. When we have started to score, there were no more dilemmas"

"Every player gave his contribution, and I would not like to emphasize individuals. During this qualifying round, we have provided the national team with several young players that will help us at the EURO 2020, but the foundations still lay within the players from the World Cup in Russia. No one can put a price on the pride and happiness I feel today. I could be offered millions, but I'm taking Croatia to EURO 2020. These are the best days of my sporting career"

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