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HNS announces new
partnership with
TIANBO Technology

HNS announces new partnership with TIANBO Technology
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The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) has signed a commercial partnership agreement with technology company TIANBO Technology, who are an internationally-renowned provider of online entertainment.



As the most recognizable sports brand hailing from Croatia, the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) has now expanded its commercial activities through a new international commercial partnership with TIANBO Technology.


Headquartered in the Philippines, TIANBO Technology offers a unique online entertainment brand to players worldwide, with special focus given to security technology features such as data encryption. TIANBO Technology operates a number of other globally-popular platforms, with their most recognizable product being the online game platform  TIANBO Sports/天博体育 which offers an integrated game experience for sports enthusiasts. The platform is fully compatible with all major mobile and desktop operating systems, and covers a diverse number of games – including Asia’s Top 10 online gaming platforms and hundreds of boutique games.

总部位于菲律宾的天博科技主张在全球范围内引领顾客体验新风潮, 自主研发多项安全管理技术如数据加密,天博科技拥有许多受全球欢迎的平台,旗下最具代表性的在线综合型体育平台天博体育,提供综合型游戏满足体育狂热玩家体验,平台全面支持手机及桌机系统,并涵盖多样化的游戏,包含亚洲前10大游戏平台及数百种高端游戏

TIANBO Sports’ focus on technological innovation and a unique and immersive user experience for sports fans have made them an appealing commercial partner for numerous sports organizations, and they have now become an important member of HNS's commercial portfolio.


“The Vatreni and their iconic red-and-white checkers are instantly recognizable worldwide, and they serve as an emblem of Croatia and of Croatian sports. A major goal for HNS is to preserve and expand the recognizability and popularity of our team and federation everywhere in the world – and this partnership with TIANBO Technology is an important step in expanding our reach and making our brand even more popular with international sports fans. I am happy to add a partner who shares our values of innovation and excellence to our commercial portfolio,” says HNS President and 1998 Golden Boot winner Davor Šuker.



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