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Regarding the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak

Instructions for the
organization of
football matches

Instructions for the organization of football matches
photo by: HNS
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In response to the safety measures published by the Republic of Croatia's Council of Civil Protection, the responsible bodies of the Croatian Football Federation have issued the following instructions for match organization in the coming weeks.

The following instructions are issued jointly by the management of the HNS (headed by president Davor Šuker and executive director Marijan Kustić), the Executive Committee of the HNS, the Medical Committee of the HNS (headed by president Dragan Primorac), the Committee for Competitions (headed by president Ante Vučemilović-Šimunović), the Referees' Committee (headed by president Ante Kulušić), competition administrator of the Croatian First Division Josip Brezni and the security commissioner of the HNS Miroslav Marković:

1. It is mandatory to comply with all measures, recommendations and decision that have been issued and may be issued in the future by the Civil Protection Council of the Republic of Croatia, and by other relevant government institutions.

2. Taking into consideration the calendar of HNS competitions, all competitions that are managed by the HNS should proceed with or without spectators.

3. Match organizers are obliged to fully comply with the decisions of the Council of Civil Protection.

4. We would like to implore match organizers to note the fact that they must obtain confirmation from the county council of civil protection and the local Public Health Institute that the appropriate hygiene conditions have been fulfilled before the event is staged.

The Croatian Football Federation will continue to monitor the situation surrounding the epidemic of the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 and will isue further instructions if necessary.

Excerpt from the statement of the Council of Civil Protection:


1. We recommend that all public gatherings which involve more than one thousand people should be postponed until further notice

2. Organizers of all public gatherings must uphold the following hygiene standards:

- Placing these instructions in a visible place:



- Providing disinfectant distribution points

- Clearly communicating to all individuals at the gathering that close social contact and common forms of non-verbal communication (such as shaking hands) should be avoided

- Clearly communicating that individuals who experience symptoms of respiratory disease or a fever greater than 37.5 degrees Celsius should not come to public gatherings

- Obtaining confirmation from the county council of civil protection and the local public health institute that the above conditions have been fulfilled before the event is staged

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