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As recommended by the Department for Sport

All football
competitions paused
until March 31

All football competitions paused until March 31
photo by: HNS
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The Croatian Football Federation has decided to pause all football competitions until March 31, effective immediately.

Following the newly-issued recommendations of the Central State Department for Sport to postpone all international and national sports competitions at all levels, and taking into consideration the instructions of Croatia's Civil Protection Council and the rising number of confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections in the country, the Executive Committee of the Croatian Football Federation has decided to postpone all football competitions in Croatia until March 31. This decision applies to all men's and women's competitions, all futsal competitions, football leagues at every level (national, inter-county, county), the Croatian Cup, all youth team cup and league competitions, and all veterans' matches.

We recommend that clubs comply with all hygiene and safety instructions of the National Civil Protection Council during training sessions in order to protect the health of their players.

The Croatian Football Federation will continue to closely monitor the situation and will issue new safety measures in accordance with the recommendations of public health institutions and in order to preserve the health of players, spectators, and all other persons involved in football. The public and Croatia's football family will be notified of all new developments in due time.

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