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For epidemic and earthquake relief

The Croatian
national team donates
4.2 million HRK

The Croatian national team donates 4.2 million HRK
photo by: HNS
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The players and staff of the Croatian men's senior national team have collected 4.2 million HRK (equivalent of more than 550 000 EUR), which they will deposit into the Croatian Government's official accounts that have been opened specifically for collecting funds for epidemic and earthquake relief.

The suffering caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the earthquake in Zagreb have brought out the best in many people in Croatia, who have invested their time and efforts into helping their fellow citizens deal with this crisis.

Inspired by their efforts and deeply affected by the situation in Croatia, the Croatian national team players and staff have jointly decided to donate 4.2 million HRK to support the medical system during the epidemic and to help with the renovation of the many buildings that have been destroyed by the earthquake. The funds will be deposited into two accounts that have been opened by the Croatian Government for collection of donations, and they will be used to rebuild hospitals damaged by the earthquake and to purchase medical devices and supplies that are needed in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

“With this donation, we wanted to show our support for our people and our capital city, and to remind everyone that together we can get through these huge challenges. Our hearts are with all those who have shown great courage and strength in this situation – from doctors and nurses to firefighters, policemen, soldiers, members of the Civil Defense Council, and everyone who is working tirelessly so that we may continue to live in relatively normal circumstances, such as shopkeepers, delivery personnel, and many others. Together we will win again,” said the Croatian players and team staff in a joint statement.

Croatia internationals have repeatedly shown their commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy through many personal and joint donations and projects. Their activities with the “Vatreno Srce” Foundation have raised significant funds for children in need, though no previous project has raised as many funds as this effort to help Croatia weather this storm.


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