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Elected by the General Assembly

Marijan Kustić is
the new president of
the HNS

Marijan Kustić is the new president of the HNS
photo by: Drago Sopta/HNS
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Marijan Kustić is the new president of the Croatian Football Federation. At the General Assembly held in Zagreb, the former executive director of the HNS was unanimously elected to lead Croatia’s highest football governing body as its president. Kustić will thus replace Davor Šuker, who headed the HNS from 2012 onwards.

The General Assembly also unanimously elected the new Executive Committee of the HNS, which consists of Đuro Bukvić, Nenad Črnko, Nenad Horvatić, Davor Ivić, Mato Kljajić, Ante Kulušić, Josip Kuterovac, Drago Lucić, Robert Markulin, Damir Mišković, Slavko Prišćan, Božidar Šikić, Ile Topuzović, Ante Vučemilović-Šimunović, Darko Raić-Sudar and Mario Smodlaka.

Ante Vučemilović-Šimunović will remain the first vice-president of the HNS, while Damir Mišković, Nenad Črnko, Slavko Prišćan and Mario Smodlaka will serve as the remaining vice presidents. Tomislav Svetina will take on the role of the executive director of the HNS, while Stipe Pletikosa will serve as the technical director for the men's senior and U-21 teams.

foto: Drago Sopta/HNS

“This is a big, emotional moment for me. I will do my best to fulfill all of your expectations. This is the first time in our history that someone received the unanimous support of all of the county football federations, which is a huge honor for me. I was glad to hear the opening words of the representatives of UEFA and FIFA, who express their support for the HNS. I would also like to thank Davor Šuker for his work – I’m happy that he chose me as the executive director, and we had an excellent working relationship. All of the results that we have behind us are not the work of one man, but of our entire team. I am sure that the new leadership of the HNS will continue improving and making progress. We will continue to work as a team – all of you are aware of the way I work. I made my way in football one step at a time, and I’ve been through a lot. After Davor did not run for another term as president, I decided to run myself, and I informed all of my close associates about this. I’ve been here for eight years, and we’ve been working continuously on advancing Croatian football. I want to use this opportunity to wish all of our clubs good luck in European competitions. We have to be united and support each other in earnest,” said the new HNS president Marijan Kustić.

foto: Drago Sopta/HNS

“It is an immense honor and privilege – and an immense responsibility – to take on this function. This role is the crowning glory of my career in sports and football. I am looking forward to the work and challenges that are ahead of us,” said Svetina.

The Assembly was also attended by honorary HNS president Branko Mikša, general secretary of the Croatian Olympic Committee Siniša Krajač, the state secretary of the Ministry for Tourism and Sport Tomislav Družak, and FIFA and UEFA representatives Sofia Malizia and Thierry Favre.

foto: Drago Sopta/HNS

foto: Drago Sopta/HNS

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