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More affordable price

Loyalty crypto token
VATRENI pre-sale is

Loyalty crypto token VATRENI pre-sale is open!
photo by: Arhiva HNS
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As of today, VATRENI tokens pre-sale of is officially open! From today, millions of loyal Croatian fans will have more opportunities to interact with players, participate in HNS decisions, and have other options exclusively provided to owners of the FIRE token.

The pre-sale token price is 10% more affordable and can be purchased for $ 0.9 with a minimum stake of $ 500.

The pre-sale period lasts until the opening of the official sale *, when the token price will be $ 1 with a minimum stake of $ 25. 

VATRENI token can be purchased directly at the link:

It is necessary to log in to the website (create your account) to enable the purchase of VATRENI tokens. Then follow the simple instructions. The application will be on the same page later, which will allow easier buying and exchanging.

foto: Arhiva HNS

The number of purchased tokens can be checked on the PORTFOLIO screen. Users will be notified directly of any further steps.

The RAMP payment system conducts standard identity checks. It collects anti-money laundering data, and users are required to go through the prescribed regulatory procedure for purchasing tokens, which is a form of cryptocurrency. This step is essential and is done to prevent money laundering.

For any difficulties or questions, users are free to contact

Due to a large number of people on the platform, the payment/transaction wait time is a bit longer than usual.

Important note:

VATRENI token is by its nature a cryptocurrency. Investing in cryptocurrencies comes with a significant risk and you should not get involved in it without performing your due diligence. Because the cryptocurrency market is only partially regulated, potential investors cannot rely on all of the protections available in the traditional financial market. Do not invest in cryptocurrencies unless you have mastered the subject to the point where you know how to receive and store cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet.

* we reserve the right to close the pre-sale before the time expires

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