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Women's football coaching eduaction

Davor Šuker visits
girls' football

Davor Šuker visits girls' football festival
photo by: Arhiva HNS
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NK Sesvete Stadium hosted a girls' football festival, with approximately 100 participants from the Sesvete Elementary School.

The festival was attended by Croatian Football Federation president Davor Šuker, who addressed the audience:

"The children are our future. I would like to see many of these girls in professional football one day, hopefully in the national team as well. Youth investments will enable new achievements".

foto: Arhiva HNS

From 25 May to 30 May, Croatian Football Federation Academy and NK Sesvete also hosted FIFA instructor Beatrice von Siebenthal and the professional training for women's football coaches.

The topics included women's football development, influence of the coaches on the girls' inclusion in football, practical presentations of specific injury prevention exercises and the display of technical and tactical practice sessions.

This seminar was attended by women's national teams coaching staff, women's football club coaches, women's football development centres managers, and Croatian international players, interested in transferring their experience and affection for the game to younger generations.

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